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Pelvic Floor Health Guide

As the leader in urogynecology, the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS) developed this book to provide you with expert advice and guidance on pelvic floor health and to highlight the changes you may experience during and after pregnancy.

The authors of this book are dedicated clinicians with years of experience helping patients maintain or, in some cases, regain pelvic floor health. It is important to note that most women still have at least one pelvic floor problem that bothers them a year after childbirth. This book will provide you with answers to important pelvic floor-related questions, help prepare you for the expected and unexpected, and present you with a list of invaluable tips and resources. After reading, you will become not only familiar with possible pelvic floor specific issues, but also solutions to recovery (such as physical therapy exercises) for pelvic rehabilitation.

The patient-focused book entitled Pelvic Floor Health: Your Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Care is available in print and e-book. Take advantage of our 25% off summer sale! You can check out a preview of the book here.

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Writing Group Authors: Linda Brubaker, MD (Chair); Joan Blomquist, MD; Olivia Cardenas-Trowers, MD; Colleen Fitzgerald, MD; Yvette LaCoursiere, MD; Christina Lewicky-Gaupp, MD; Jessica McKinney, PT, DScPT, MS; Melanie Meister, MD; Kate Meriwether, MD; Ingrid Nygaard, MD; Megan Schimpf, MD; and Elisa Trowbridge, MD.

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