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Stress urinary incontinence is both a symptom (urine leakage with activities that increase pressure on the bladder) and a diagnosis (made by a doctor when the leakage is demonstrated on exam or testing). The diagnosis can reliably be made in most cases simply from the symptoms that patients experience! Examination and testing are used to look for unusual causes of incontinence and contributing co-existing conditions.

There are safe and effective treatments available for SUI that you can even try before seeing a doctor. These include exercises and over-the-counter inserts to prevent leakage. See the treatments page for more details.

If you aren’t sure if you have SUI or you have other symptoms too, a physician who specializes in urine leakage can help. Locate a provider near you using our Find a Provider tool.

Depending on your situation, a bladder diary, examination, and possibly additional testing can be helpful. More information on what to expect at the doctor’s office can be found here.

Do you have stress urinary incontinence? If you answer yes to the questions below, it may be time to talk to a doctor about your symptoms:

Do you leak urine (even small drops), wet yourself, or wet your pads or undergarments…

  1. When you cough or sneeze? (none, rarely, once in awhile, often, most of the time, all of the time)
  2. When you bend down or lift something up?
  3. When walking quickly, jogging or exercising?