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About Voices for PFD

Voices for PFD is a website and online community developed by AUGS (American Urogynecologic Society) to educate patients and caregivers about pelvic floor disorders. AUGS represents more than 2,000 members, including practicing physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, nurses and health care professionals, and researchers from many disciplines.

The Voices for PFD website was developed in 2010 to serve an unmet need of providing women with information and resources developed by health care professionals on female pelvic floor disorders. Since its launch, the website has grown to include comprehensive information and resources to address the various disease states that can impact a woman’s pelvic floor.

The content available on this website:

  • Provides medically sound resources to educate patients on diagnoses, treatments, and the latest advancements on female pelvic floor disorders;
  • Offers a non-biased, online platform to learn more about the disease state, identify treatment options, and engage with other women experiencing similar challenges; and
  • Offers a resource for health care professionals to use when discussing pelvic floor disorders with their patients, reducing the need for them to create these resources on their own.

The AUGS Public Education Committee regularly reviews and adds resources to this site.

To learn more about AUGS, you can visit