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Echo's Story

Echo, 51, Indianapolis

How old were you at the time of surgery?


Do you have any children?


What factors did you consider when you looked at surgical treatment options for SUI?

I had tried medication, but there don’t really seem to be any drugs for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) like there are for overactive bladder. Honestly, I just finally got to the point where I realized my situation wasn’t going to get any better, and I didn’t know what I was waiting for. I felt like it was time to take care of the SUI before it got really severe.

Why did you select the sling as your surgical treatment option?

I had done some research online, but ultimately it came down to what my doctor recommended. I’m very, very, VERY happy that I didn’t go to a practice that insists on months of physical therapy or pelvic floor exercises before resorting for surgery. I’m not that patient and probably wouldn’t have stuck with it.

What surprised you most about your recovery process immediately after surgery?

OMG, my pelvic area was black and blue for a week! I’ve never seen such a bruise. It didn’t hurt, but it was kind of shocking.

In what ways did your life change after receiving the sling as a treatment for SUI?

I can work out without having to pee! No tampons, no pads, and no having to stop doing squats or jumping rope to go to the bathroom. And a couple of weeks after my surgery, my best friend and I even started running with the C25K app (Couch to 5K). We’d been talking about it for a while, but I wasn’t ready to do it because no way could I actually run with SUI and pads are such a hassle. Now we jog a few days a week.

Overall, how effective was the sling as a treatment for your SUI symptoms?

It was very effective. I’m so happy I had the surgery.

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