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There are a number of devices that may be helpful in treating your bowel control problems.


A silicone insert worn inside the vagina may be recommended. This is typically used to treat vaginal prolapse. It may be helpful to correct a rectocele, which can collect stool that leaks out later.

EclipseTM Vaginal Insert

This is a small balloon device that is inserted into the vagina and inflated so that it puts pressure onto the rectal area. This helps with better bowel control. You need to be fitted for this in a doctor’s office, but then you will be taught how to manage it on your own. This was recently approved for use to treat fecal incontinence and therefore it may only be available in some physician offices. It continues to be evaluated to determine which women it may help the most.

Adhesive Patches

There are several available patches that help contain the stool during certain activities. For example, you can wear one during exercise, and then remove it. One example of these is Butterfly® pads, which can be ordered online.

Anal Plugs

This is a silicone anal insert or foam cup used to temporarily occlude the anal canal to prevent stool leakage. Examples of these include Renew® inserts and Peristeen® products.