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Bladder Health Month is recognized in November. Throughout the month, health institutions will host "Break Free from PFDs" Local Events across the county to further educate women. The pelvic health topics that will be discussed include: prolapse, incontinence, and other pelvic floor disorders. The events will give women the knowledge and confidence they need to evaluate their own pelvic health and address pelvic health issues with their physicians.

Interested in hosting a Local Event in your area? Contact


The PFD Alliance has created a Local Event Toolkit to assist you in your planning efforts. The Toolkit includes the following materials:

Break Free Tool Kit:

  • Run of Show – Template for schedule of events
  • Event Logistics Guide – Tips to assist you with your planning efforts
  • Custom Invitation – Edit it to contain your event details
  • Media Alert – Customize this alert and have your Communications Department distribute it through local markets
  • Patient Fact sheet – An overview of pelvic floor disorders to be distributed at your event
  • Patient Tips – 5 Tips to Help Patients Break Free From PFDs to be distributed at your event 
  • Evaluation – Help us improve future events! Pass out the evaluation to attendees and send scanned copies to

Event Presentations

PowerPoint slides have been created as a template for your local event – one main presentation and three additional mini presentations.  

Steps to Plan Event:

  1. Review Tool Kit contents
  2. Publicize your event with the Custom Invitation and Media Alert
  3. Review and update the slide Presentation to fit your event format
  4. Print copies of the Patient Factsheet, Patient Tips, and Evaluation to hand out at your event
  5. Host your Event

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