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    Since 1998, the Pelvic Floor Disorders Research Foundation (PFD Research Foundation) has funded more than $1.3 million in grants to support junior researchers in the field and promises innovative research regarding the causes, prevention, cure, and treatment of pelvic floor disorders.


    Every contribution to the PFD Research Foundation builds a stronger future for Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery and is a great way to honor the work and passion of those we respect. We are grateful to our donors for their generous support of the PFD Research Foundation.

    Below are a few ways you can show your support.

    Cash Gifts

    There are three ways to donate tax-deductible cash gifts:

    1. Online: Make an online donation

    2. Mail: Send a completed pledge form with credit card payment or check (made payable to the PFD Research 
        Foundation) to:

       Attention: PFD Research Foundation
      1100 Wayne Ave, Suite 670
      Silver Spring, MD 20910 

    3. Fax: Send a completed pledge form with credit card payment to:

        Attention: PFD Research Foundation

    Gifts of Stocks and Securities

    Donating appreciated stocks or securities directly to the PFD Research Foundation is an easy way to make a gift. You can receive a tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes, too.  When transferring stocks or securities directly to the PFD Research Foundation, have your broker or financial advisor contact the PFD Research Foundation first at 301-273-0778.

    Honoraria and Speaker Fees

    If you have an upcoming speaking engagement, consider donating your honorarium to the Foundation to support future initiatives. Be sure to identify to your host that you would like your honorarium to go to the PFD Research Foundation. Asking your host to make a donation to the PFD Research Foundation in your honor supports the Foundation and furthers awareness of the Foundation and its important work.

    Book Royalties

    Book royalties in full or in part can be donated to the Foundation. This is a great way to support the Foundation’s work while promoting your book. Make a gift once you have received your royalties or make arrangements through your publisher to have a donation sent directly to the Foundation.

    Be sure to contact the PFD Research Foundation at if you are making a donation directly through your publisher as well as ask your publisher to include your name with the payment. We want to be sure to thank you for your generous donation. If we cannot determine who a donation of book royalties is from, we will list it as anonymous. If you wish to make a gift equal to your royalty payment, tell your publisher so that your charitable support can be mentioned in the marketing of your book.

    Estate Planning and Other Special Gifts

    You can leave a lasting impact on the field of urogynecology through a will, lead trust or gift of insurance. Your gift will benefit the Foundation for years to come, and there may be tax advantages for you. You can create a planned gift through real estate, bequests, charitable remainder trusts and other gifts that provide both you and the PFD Research Foundation with income.

    Talk to your personal financial advisor to develop a plan that works best for you. Be sure to let us know that you have made these arrangements so we can recognize your generosity.

    Click here for sample language for including the PFD Research Foundation in your will.

    Additional Gifts

    For additional information on ways to make a donation to the PFD Research Foundation, please call us at 301-273-0570.

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